Starting Tools

1. Webmd has a awesome weight loss & diet plans = calculator. Go to this link and fill in the blanks, you don’t have to log in or be a member to use this calculator. It will tell you if you are over weight, obese, or healthy at your current weight. It will let you know about how many calories to eat a day,  to lose so much weight a week depending on your amount of exercise and food choices.

2. Check into ways to help boost your metabolism. This is a great slide show  with 10 ways that can help.

3. I purchased a book called calorie king. Tells me how many calories are in any fruit, vegetable, meat, chz, milk, etc. Wonderful book recommended by my OBGYN after birth of third child.  I have noticed has several to buy from $3.00 and up, even a kindle version. What’s great about this is. I am on a 1300 calorie daily intake. I know once I look up a certain item a few times. I soon just remember if I eat a banana it’s 90 calories, one egg is 95 calories, one cup of grapes is 80 calories, it just becomes a second nature. I try to eat between breakfast and lunch 600, from lunch to supper 500, then late night snack 200 calories left.

4. Get up and get moving… something almost every day to insure your weight loss goal. Park at the end of a parking lot so you have to walk farther to get in the store.

5. Never go grocery shopping hungry. It will make you crave things you really don’t need, and your cart will be full of junk.

6. Make a list for all week of things that would be great to eat and you can fix pretty quick to have on hand. Buy those!! If you see the bakery staring you down…run the other direction….give yourself a pep talk…you may even a journal or picture of what you want to look like when your goal is accomplished as a reminder if you fall off the wagon you are only hurting yourself, and no one else. You have to take care of you.

7. Don’t drink calories, eat them, it keeps you full and from having cravings.  I drink lots of flavored water, keep it cold and on hand, even in a cooler in the van.

8. If you like fast food, or you are real busy, find out what you can eat off that menu to keep you in check. I know when I take the kids to Mc Donalds, I can have a yogurt parfait, a grilled snack wrap, small ice cream cone, one cookie (not the whole bag of 3). If I drink coffee I know the creamer has 30 calories a little cup. I use splenda when there. There are small side salads as well, avoid over dressing it. If you love those salty fries…as I do….share a order with 3 kids or order a small one long as it will fit in your calorie intake for the day. Just remember if you make good choices the weight will fall off faster.

9. My favorite sugar and starches!! Avoid them as much as possible they slow down the metabolism. I bake sweet potatoes instead of white. I bake a apple with cinnamon instead f baking a cobbler. I bake chicken instead of deep frying. I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil.Cut way back on cornbread and biscuits. If you are having a craving use a 6 cup muffin pan, so left overs go fast and they are not hanging around the house….calling your name…come eat me…lol! I buy whole wheat bread, avoid the label on bread if it says enriched white flour it is going to become like sugar in your system when your body processes it. Eat more lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. I buy pomegranates when in season and store them up in the freezer like a squirrels storing nuts for the winter. I eat them all the time, put them in muffins, cereal, yogurt, jello, salads you name it. Buying in seasoning and storing it can really help your budget.

10. Do small mini exercise attempts throughout your day. From jogging in place, simple hand weight, jump a rope, race the kids in the back yard, jump on there trampoline, etc. even if it is only for 5 minutes.  This will keep your metabolism up and burning calories through out the day and some while you sleep. While on my 10 minute breaks at work before. I would go out side and place my hands on the wall and do standing push ups, lay in the grass and do a few exercises. Those little things matter a lot. I can’t express that enough.




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