Day 32 Sept 1,2014

I walked late last night for 2 miles. I was exhausted due to lack of sleep from the night before. I did not sleep good  in the tree house last night, the dogs barked a lot. Oh did I mention the train horns blowing extra loud. It was a long night. Lifted 8 lb weights a while when I got back home.

Breakfast-smoothie (fruit, greens, and flax seed)

Lunch- 2 small homemade blueberry & cherry muffins, water

Super-hamburger veggie burger, no bun, and a smoothie ( banana, milk,  coca, truvia, and ice)

snack-one small blueberry muffin


Medication- 2 ibeprohin, one potassium supplement

comments: I had my right sciatic nerve bothering me today and my right calf. I don’t know why but it was starting to be painful, I made myself walk anyway.


175.4 pds Day 31 August 31, 2014

I woke up rested. Slept well. I walked 2 miles from 8am-830am. I carried only one 5 pound weight with me to do upper body exercises with.

Breakfast- smoothie-banana, milk, flax seed, protein whey powder, and about 10 almonds. It made 2. 210 calories per smoothie

Lunch- same smoothie but I added kale leaves, one teaspoon peanut butter, and about 6 grapes. 320 calories in that smoothie. A catfish sandwich on a role, one animal cracker

Super-veggie burger, made with lean burger,  squash, celery,onions,garlic,tomato, barbeque sauce, salt and pepper

Snack- 1/2 a blueberry muffin, handful of popcorn

Calories 1420

Bowel movements-2


174.3 pds Day 30, August 30,2014

This is a chart I use to track my progress. You can down load them here at this link:   <there are several there to chose from. I use two of them personally. I uploaded my favorite.


I woke up very tired today. I went to bed late. I feel over all good. I was 174.3 this morning. I am able to tell my left arm is not as strong as my right. It is really sore. I may have to lift some lighter weights with my left arm a while till I get it as strong as my right arm.

exercise-I rode my 10 speed bicycle from 1o am-1115 am to wal-mart 2 miles, grabbed some fruits and yogurt, loaded my basket, and road back 2 miles home. The ride there in the sprinkling rain felt great, but time I left wal-mart the sun was starting to shine and the humidity was up.

Breakfast-smoothie-banana, coca, carrot, kale cubes, flax seed, strawberries, milk.

lunch-the same smoothie I had for breakfast it made 2

super- I went out to eat at a restaurant. I guessed at my calorie intake. So I am guessing it about 1200. It was the first time I have really went out for a super. You have to guesstimate those calories.

calories today around 1800.


Bowel movements-2

174.5 pds Day 29 August 29, 2104

Yeah!! I weighted in today at 174.5. I was so excited. I made my 8 pd weight loss goal mark for the month of August.  I got up and walked/jogged 1.5 miles at 615 am – 640 am. Tonight I walked 2 miles with 5 pd weights, and did a lot of weight lifting at home. Today starts week 5. I had a hard time staying focused only a few days in August. Thank God for positive pep talks to myself, and Prayer. I am loving walking to all my new Chris Tomlin tunes.

Breakfast-Smoothie-made of half a frozen banana, 1/2 a avocado, 1/2 cup milk, 8 kale homemade ice cubs, 6 strawberries, 3 dark cherries.

snack-100 calorie bar chocolate brownie

lunch-whole wheat tortilla, 1/2 cup of ribs shredded, topped with tomato, lettuce, and 1,4 cup of cheese, lots of water

snack-smoothie-chocolate, peach, carrot, apple, flax seed, kale cubes, orange, truvia, and milk-<this smoothie lacks something, it reminds me of a chocolate carrot cake!

super-baked chicken, ice cream from McDonald, 2 animal crackers, diet Dr.pepper


calories eaten-1300

I have had 4 bowel movements today.

175.6 Day28 Aug 28,2014

Today I woke very unrelated and mentally tired today. I have been really trying out a lot of new food and smoothie recipes. It has been very interesting. My cloths are getting looser so I am very proud of that.

Breakfast: a fruit smoothie made of protein powder, almond milk homemade, banana, 1/2 Apple, 8 strawberries, ice, trivia

Snack 2 cookies, 5 pretzels

Lunch- pot roast with veggies.

Super-kale, banana, almond, milk, honey, and ice smoothie / whole wheat tortilla with taco meat and veggies and cheese

Total calories 1615 < I went way over what I normal take in calorie wise playing around with new smoothie recipes. I got to work on that.

Exercise-just house work today, no walking or weight lifting today. I was very exhausted this afternoon more than usual. I went to bed real early.

Medication- none

175.2 pds Day 27 Aug 27, 2014

I woke up today feeling well and very rested. I was thankful after the day I had yesterday. I laughed a lot today it felt great.

Exercise-walked all over Jackson tn today shopping for new healthy food products they don’t carry in my little town. Walked 2.5 miles tonight, took my 5 pd weights, and done a great cardio work out.

Breakfast- 4 bites of oatmeal , I was in a hurry

snack-1oo calorie fiber bar, 1/2 cup of coffee

Lunch-sub from subway with whole grain bread turkey, bacon ,avacodo, provolone cheese, spinach leaves, cucumbers, tomato,

lots of water and cranberry concentrated juice today, one diet dr.pepper

snack-smoothie made of flex seed, coconut, 1/2 cup of whole milk, mango, pineapple, a fresh peach, and lots of ice.

Super-10 pretzels, and about 20 grapes….was not real hungry tonight after that sub at lunch…lots of water

Medication-2 ibuprofen for muscle aches

calories eaten today 1315

175.2 pds Day 26 Aug 26, 2014

Today I woke up very rested but nausead from my menstrual cycle. I have had 3 bowel movements and its only 10am. I am drinking lots of water today to help with dehydration. Just put a huge pot roast meal in the crock pot.

Exercise. I walked a mile and a half tonight and took the 3pd weights with me to do upper body cardio since I have not felt well today. This has been my worst day all month. I am drained physically. I have had diarrhea two more times. It has been a productive but long day. I had to literally make myself get up and go walk. I did not want to do it at all, but I made myself remember the importance of it.

Breakfast: 1/2 pancake with one tsp of syrup , one scrambled egg,  one cup of milk

Snack- heresy bar

Lunch-Apple, peanut butter smoothie

Snack- chocolate fiber one bar

Super- homemade roast soup. Made with potato s,carrots,spinach leaves,garlic,beats,English peas, corn, roast, salt and pepper, and chicken broth, onion. Desert sugar free chocolate pudding

Calories today 135o

Medication: one potassium, one vitamin k,d, and b12, one Advil….tonight one multi vitamin and 2 ibroprfren for muscle aches in legs tonight.

176 pds, Day 25, 2014

Today I woke feeling rested. I have been sneezing but my sinus seem to be a lot better today. I am having a very heavy MS. I dislike this time of month physically. I got a lot accomplished today.

Breakfast: scrambled egg, whole wheat toast, capichino with truvia, water

Lunch: large home grown tomato

snack: one cookie peanut butter, one small hersey bar

Super: greens -1/2 cup corn–1 fish baked Pollock -potato hash 1 cup -mac and chz 1/4 of a cup

Snack-raspberry smoothie and about 3 bits of a cake I did not need.

lots of water today! Calories 1250 today

Exercise: just housework

medication: 2 musinex,2 Tylenol for menstrual cramps and sinus headache

175.2 pds Day 24, Aug 24, 2014

I love my sweets and fast food. I think my Grandmother was correct when she said everything in life in moderation. To much of any one thing could be bad for you. I have always had great sugar levels except while pregnant. I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my last two children. I was in my mid 30’s. The doctor said usually if this happens in 8-10 years later you can come diabetic if you do not take better care of your health. My regular sugar is always great. But my last visit to the doctor she said my internal sugar didn’t look good every time I had blood work. So I needed to work on getting weight off. It running rapid in my family history does not help none either. We can not help genetics but we can maybe slow the process down, but better monitoring our own health and making slow healthier changes.

Today I woke and felt rested but nauseous. I am no my girly cycle ( My Gift). I made my self walk from 8:30 am to 9 am wither I felt like it or not. I walked 2 miles this morning. Came back home so we could all get to Sunday school and on time. I got real sick at church Diarrhea (happens a lot when I am on my girly cycle). Lifted 10-15 pd weights tonight doing squats, worked on outdoor clean up, racking and organizing outside. The humidity was unreal today. Just standing outside sweat would poor off.

Breakfast: one scrambled egg, whole wheat toast, 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of fresh pomegranates. Lunch: small fry from McDonald’s and 4 piece nugget, one pack of ketchup, and half a package of BBQ sauce. Snack- one tsp of peanut butter. Super-Fiheta stir fry, one snore on fire pit. I drank lots of water and sweetened tea with splendia. Calories 1295 today

I had diarrhea after breakfast, and after lunch today. I literally hate being on my monthly cycle. It has made me very sick since I have been a child. Now that I am done having children. I can’t wait for it to go!!!!

Medication-2 advil for cramps and sinus headache, 2 musinex , one multi vitamin, one potassium.

Comment: Every since I have been about 38 I have had to start taking potassium during the week of my cycle. I will get serious cramps in my legs and toes. My doctor has recommended this just for me, because of how much physically wise my cycle affects me. It can cause serious health problems if not taken correctly. Never take extra potassium unless prescribed by a doctor.


175.6 Day 23, Aug 23, 2014

I woke feeling rested at 6.50 am. Got up, left at 7 am walked to wal-mart and back, a total of 4 miles. It took me a hour and 10 minutes. I wore my music today and loved that, I walk faster when I have music up or someone to talk too as I walk. I actually talk to God a lot when I am alone walking as well. Good time to think about your day, accomplishments, and what you need to improve or work on the next day. Racked the yard where the storm left a lot of mess in the yard. Working on the shed and house today. Lifted weights throughout the day. I have moved up to 10 pds a arm and I am really feeling it.

Breakfast-water, one scrambled egg, and 2 cups of watermelon, Lunch-crab meat and slaw homemade, about 5 pringles I could not resist and a sugar free chocolate pudding. Super-grilled chicken breast and a chocolate rasberry yogurt smoothie. supper- another chocolate rasberry smoothie calories eat- 1280

one bowel movement today

medication-2 benydrill, 2 Tylenol, one multi vitamin

Started menstrual cycle at noon today! No cramps today!