About Me

First of all Thank you for checking out my personal blog. Let me Introduce Myself.  My name is Stephanie (FoodAdvenger). I am 182.6 pounds and dropping. I need to be about 130 pds. My goal is  to lose 53 pds. I am a mother of three beautiful children. I am currently 41.5 yrs old. I had one child and lost 55 pds. through healthy eating, a positive attitude, and exercise.  Since then I have had 2 more current children and gained it all back. I created this blog in order to help others struggling with weight, or poor food choices. I hope to help anyone realize there goals can be reached with a positive state of mind, persistence, and some know how. You don’t have to give up foods you love in order to loose weight or live a more fit life style. You just got to know often and how much to incorporate into your daily life. Me….I will be the first to tell you I love..love..love..ice cream, donuts, etc. I am from the South and love my deserts. I sure don’t plan on giving them up all together. Believe me when I say you can still enjoy and love these foods. Still drop weight and be healthy. Ready to begin our journey? I am tired of feeling fat, sluggish, and dreading going shopping for cloths.  The whole time wishing you didn’t have to shop in this section were all the huge cloths are. You don’t want to be barbie, but healthier, thinner, and over all in a lot better health mentally and physically. No more excuses…lets get busy and enjoy losing the pounds together.  When we give up foods we love all together it makes us have cravings and eat much more than we need, because we feel deprived of what we enjoy, especially if you are a comfort food eater just like me. Some people run to the tread mill under stress…I on the other hand , run to the refrigerator.  Don’t let others negative attitude overcome come you or bring you down. Lift your head high and remember we are not alone. There are thousands of others fighting this same battle on a daily basis. Helping each other is the beginning. 

I will be listing links with lots of helpful information as I create this blog, to hopefully help you become the you that you can be proud of.


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