174.6 Day 41 Sept 10, 2014

Today I woke feeling a lot better. I walked 7.2 miles total today. 3.5 this morning, 3.7 tonight. I done my upper body weight work out today. Using 5 pd weights.

Breakfast-one scrambled egg with flax seed. lots of water.

Lunch-Smoothie-avocado, almond milk, banana, flax seed, PB2 peanut butter. lots of water

Super-6 chicken nuggets and ranch dip…i do not need..but was away from home…and was not prepared, lots of water, one diet dr.pepper, and some herbal tea.

snack-Kellogg dry cereal 1 cup


Bowel movements-4

Today I took on a yeast infection and I have been trying to figure out why. I know sugars, and bread are the main cause of them. I then realized I am taking in a lot of sugar lately through the fruit in my smoothies. So I am cutting back on that natural sugar. So this clears up. Also increasing my water, protein and veggie intake. Lot’s less fruit.


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