174.4 pds Day 38 Sept 7, 2014

Today I woke up sore in the calves and ankles. From fast pace hill climbing that I much needed. I took a hot bath, and got busy. I walked only 2 miles today, did lots of lower body exercises, stretching, and lifted 5pd-weights. This evening I am overly tired. My left hamstring and is real sore from squats.

Breakfast-scrambled egg, with a tsp of flax seed blended in, ice water.

Lunch-A whole wheat wrap, loaded with grilled mushroom, banana peepers, onion, lime, garlic, celery, barbecue sauce, salt, pepper, and lean hickory smoked BBQ.

snack-3 sugar free pieces of hard candy, 1 cup of watermelon.

Super-smoothie- collard greens, 1/ banana, one pear,  1 cup of Oj, 1/2 a Apple,ice ( made two), one brawkworst no bun, one cheese stick, handful of sweet tarts, and a dip stick snack.

calories so far 1240

medication-2 alieve, 1 potassium supplement

Bowel Movements-3


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