173 pds Day 36, Sept 5, 2014

I walked 6.5 miles today. 3.5 this morning with 2.5 pound arm and ankle weights. Tonight 3 miles no weights. Today I woke and this is the beginning of my 7th week improving my eating habits, and exercising more daily. I hope to improve mine and my families over all health. I hope to be down 15 pounds by the end of September. It is my goal for September. Persistence is the key to my weight loss goal as well as staying focused. I think of my current health now verses my health 10 years ago. I see how well I took care of myself then verses now. The time it requires tending to 3 children’s needs instead of one child. It has been a hard balance for me finding personal time. But one day I decided it’s time to fit me in my busy life too, and take better care of mom for a while.

Breakfast: Smoothie: dark cherries, avocado, banana, pine apple, green apple, mango, flax seed, yogurt, and OJ juice.

Lunch: nothing but a small pack of m’ and m’s i got at the parade today, 1/2  cookie, 2 cups of popcorn. I was busy through lunch today.

Super: 2 Tenderlon sandwiches, 2 diet cokes, lots of bottled water, 4 small cookies

calories: 1700

Medication: none

Bowel Movement: 1


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