175.4pds Day 33, Sept 2, 2014

Got up rested. I walked 2 miles took my 5 pd weights to do lots of different upper body exercises as I walked this morning from 745-815 am. Came home and done 40 set ups. I have been a bottomless pit today. I have ate well and drank plenty..but feel hungry today a lot. It may be due to eating out sat night and increasing my calorie intake.

Breakfast-oatmeal in a jar, I made the night before. (you take 1/3 of oats, 1/3 milk, 1/3 yogurt/ top with strawberries and bananas. lots of water

lunch-smoothie: watermelon, avocado, turnip greens, salt, flax seed, and ice. veggie hamburger no bun

supper-chicken baked with veggies.

snacks today -pop corn, 1 cookie, 2 marsh mellows, 1/2 cup of almond milk.

calories-1375   Bowel movements -3 today medicaton-none


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