Day 32 Sept 1,2014

I walked late last night for 2 miles. I was exhausted due to lack of sleep from the night before. I did not sleep good  in the tree house last night, the dogs barked a lot. Oh did I mention the train horns blowing extra loud. It was a long night. Lifted 8 lb weights a while when I got back home.

Breakfast-smoothie (fruit, greens, and flax seed)

Lunch- 2 small homemade blueberry & cherry muffins, water

Super-hamburger veggie burger, no bun, and a smoothie ( banana, milk,  coca, truvia, and ice)

snack-one small blueberry muffin


Medication- 2 ibeprohin, one potassium supplement

comments: I had my right sciatic nerve bothering me today and my right calf. I don’t know why but it was starting to be painful, I made myself walk anyway.


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