174 pds Day 42, Sept 11, 2014

Today I woke feeling very rested. I had lots of nausea today. May be from sinus drainage. I walked 4.5 miles today. 1 at lunch, 1.5 this afternoon, and 2 tonight.

Breakfast-oatmeal snack, prepacked, herbal tea decaff

lunch-water, and herbal tea, subway sandwich, diet coke

super-strawberry-banana smoothie, 1/2 order fries. lots of water, 1 cup of cantaloupe.

snacks- one piece of chocolate


bowel movements-3 normal





174.6 Day 41 Sept 10, 2014

Today I woke feeling a lot better. I walked 7.2 miles total today. 3.5 this morning, 3.7 tonight. I done my upper body weight work out today. Using 5 pd weights.

Breakfast-one scrambled egg with flax seed. lots of water.

Lunch-Smoothie-avocado, almond milk, banana, flax seed, PB2 peanut butter. lots of water

Super-6 chicken nuggets and ranch dip…i do not need..but was away from home…and was not prepared, lots of water, one diet dr.pepper, and some herbal tea.

snack-Kellogg dry cereal 1 cup


Bowel movements-4

Today I took on a yeast infection and I have been trying to figure out why. I know sugars, and bread are the main cause of them. I then realized I am taking in a lot of sugar lately through the fruit in my smoothies. So I am cutting back on that natural sugar. So this clears up. Also increasing my water, protein and veggie intake. Lot’s less fruit.

175 pds Day 40 Sept 9, 2014

Today I woke tired again. I only walked a mile. Got a ton of work done. I have decided in increase my water intake tomorrow. I have been feeling under the weather some with my sinus’ s draining. I pray it clears up fast. That time of year again. I started hot tea today. The steam helps.

Breakfast- overnight oat meal with pears and peaches

Lunch- 1/2 peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat..

A Snack-peanut butter an crackers.

Super-spaghetti made with spaghetti squash, tomato,and lean burger. Lots of water and hot tea.


Medication-none, but signs of a yeast infection.

Bowel movements-3





174.6 pds Day 39 sept 8, 2014

Today I woke very tired with a ton to get done today. I walked late but got in 3.5 miles tonight.

Breakfast- capichino, spinach wrap

Lunch-smoothie…pear/ peach/flax seed/almond milk/yogurt/ice.

Super-6 chicken nuggets, and a few gator tots, 3 pieces of sugar free candy. A smoother..avocado,yogurt,almond milk,honey.


Medication-2 ibeprophen

Bowel movements-1




174.4 pds Day 38 Sept 7, 2014

Today I woke up sore in the calves and ankles. From fast pace hill climbing that I much needed. I took a hot bath, and got busy. I walked only 2 miles today, did lots of lower body exercises, stretching, and lifted 5pd-weights. This evening I am overly tired. My left hamstring and is real sore from squats.

Breakfast-scrambled egg, with a tsp of flax seed blended in, ice water.

Lunch-A whole wheat wrap, loaded with grilled mushroom, banana peepers, onion, lime, garlic, celery, barbecue sauce, salt, pepper, and lean hickory smoked BBQ.

snack-3 sugar free pieces of hard candy, 1 cup of watermelon.

Super-smoothie- collard greens, 1/ banana, one pear,  1 cup of Oj, 1/2 a Apple,ice ( made two), one brawkworst no bun, one cheese stick, handful of sweet tarts, and a dip stick snack.

calories so far 1240

medication-2 alieve, 1 potassium supplement

Bowel Movements-3

174.5 pd Day 37 Sept 6, 2014

Today I woke rested. Walked 4 miles tonight, came home and done floor exercises and worked out with 8 & 10 pd weights. It took a hour and 5 min to walk them 4 miles. I wanted to make in under one hour, but did not run tonight. Eating has been a challenge this weekend with a busy schedule. Making my menu tomorrow for this up coming week. I did get a lot of exercise helping coach cheerleaders this morning. I am getting better at it i think…lol.

Breakfast – 2 cups of watermelon, 6 cubes of pine apple frozen, 8 pieces of mango, 1/2 frozen banana, 6 cubes of kale, 1 cup of water.

Lunch -2 cookies, a small bag of lays chips from ballgame, a 1/2 a grapefruit.

Super -6 oz of lean tendirlion, one small brownie, an a few tootsie rolls we got at the parade.

Calories – 1165

bowel movements-2

medication – none


173 pds Day 36, Sept 5, 2014

I walked 6.5 miles today. 3.5 this morning with 2.5 pound arm and ankle weights. Tonight 3 miles no weights. Today I woke and this is the beginning of my 7th week improving my eating habits, and exercising more daily. I hope to improve mine and my families over all health. I hope to be down 15 pounds by the end of September. It is my goal for September. Persistence is the key to my weight loss goal as well as staying focused. I think of my current health now verses my health 10 years ago. I see how well I took care of myself then verses now. The time it requires tending to 3 children’s needs instead of one child. It has been a hard balance for me finding personal time. But one day I decided it’s time to fit me in my busy life too, and take better care of mom for a while.

Breakfast: Smoothie: dark cherries, avocado, banana, pine apple, green apple, mango, flax seed, yogurt, and OJ juice.

Lunch: nothing but a small pack of m’ and m’s i got at the parade today, 1/2  cookie, 2 cups of popcorn. I was busy through lunch today.

Super: 2 Tenderlon sandwiches, 2 diet cokes, lots of bottled water, 4 small cookies

calories: 1700

Medication: none

Bowel Movement: 1

173.8 Day 35 Sept 4, 2014

Today I woke felt rested. Road the ten speed to wal-mart and back to get grocery’s, 4 miles there knocked out for today. I decided to walk 2 miles on a nature trail after lunch. Coached cheers for a hour this afternoon. Lifted 8 pd weights before bed.

Breakfast-overnight oatmeal>1/3 oatmeal,1/3 almond milk/1/3 yogurt, 1/2 apple, 1/2 peach, truvia.  Lots of water today. 2 bites of a strawberry cream cheese pastry I did not need.

Lunch-subway>6 inch -whole wheat, tuna, spinach, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, and provolone cheese. unsweetened tea with splendia

Super-smoothie-1/2 avocado, banana, almond milk, 1/3 c of yogurt, 2 c of collard greens, 2 tsp of coco, and truvia (makes 2 servings), unsweetened tea with truvia

Snacks-1/2 cookie


Medication-2 ibeprohen for muscle ache in left hip.

Bowel movements-1

174.5 Day 34 Sept 3,2014

Today I a woke very rested. I walked 5.5 miles on hilly roads today total. Took a pair of 3 pd weights and did a upper body workout as i walked. It took 50 minutes. Arms are sore from weight lifting but a good sore. The last 2 miles I walked tonight and it took 30 minutes. My ankles have popped a lot tonight from the hill climbing.

Breakfast-1/3 C of oats, 1/3 c of almond milk, tsp of crushed almond, 1/3 c of yogurt, 1/2 a peach, and a 1/2 small banana with 1 c of OJ. Calories So far 420.

Lunch-5 baby gram crackers, green smoothie-4 cups of kale, 1/2 green apple, 1/3 cup of yogurt, 1 cup almond milk, 1/3 of avocado,8 pineapple chunks frozen,  ice cubes, makes 2

snack- 2 marsh mellows, one peppermint candy, lots of water today

super- one bite of spaghetti I made the kids I did not need, loaded with carbs, chocolate and banana smoothie-coco powder, 1 1/2 bananas frozen, ice, truvia, 1/2 cup of milk, one veggie burger.

Snack-one cookie


bowel movements-3


175.4pds Day 33, Sept 2, 2014

Got up rested. I walked 2 miles took my 5 pd weights to do lots of different upper body exercises as I walked this morning from 745-815 am. Came home and done 40 set ups. I have been a bottomless pit today. I have ate well and drank plenty..but feel hungry today a lot. It may be due to eating out sat night and increasing my calorie intake.

Breakfast-oatmeal in a jar, I made the night before. (you take 1/3 of oats, 1/3 milk, 1/3 yogurt/ top with strawberries and bananas. lots of water

lunch-smoothie: watermelon, avocado, turnip greens, salt, flax seed, and ice. veggie hamburger no bun

supper-chicken baked with veggies.

snacks today -pop corn, 1 cookie, 2 marsh mellows, 1/2 cup of almond milk.

calories-1375   Bowel movements -3 today medicaton-none