174.3 pds Day 30, August 30,2014

This is a chart I use to track my progress. You can down load them here at this link: http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/weight-loss-chart.html   <there are several there to chose from. I use two of them personally. I uploaded my favorite.


I woke up very tired today. I went to bed late. I feel over all good. I was 174.3 this morning. I am able to tell my left arm is not as strong as my right. It is really sore. I may have to lift some lighter weights with my left arm a while till I get it as strong as my right arm.

exercise-I rode my 10 speed bicycle from 1o am-1115 am to wal-mart 2 miles, grabbed some fruits and yogurt, loaded my basket, and road back 2 miles home. The ride there in the sprinkling rain felt great, but time I left wal-mart the sun was starting to shine and the humidity was up.

Breakfast-smoothie-banana, coca, carrot, kale cubes, flax seed, strawberries, milk.

lunch-the same smoothie I had for breakfast it made 2

super- I went out to eat at a restaurant. I guessed at my calorie intake. So I am guessing it about 1200. It was the first time I have really went out for a super. You have to guesstimate those calories.

calories today around 1800.


Bowel movements-2


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