175.6 Day28 Aug 28,2014

Today I woke very unrelated and mentally tired today. I have been really trying out a lot of new food and smoothie recipes. It has been very interesting. My cloths are getting looser so I am very proud of that.

Breakfast: a fruit smoothie made of protein powder, almond milk homemade, banana, 1/2 Apple, 8 strawberries, ice, trivia

Snack 2 cookies, 5 pretzels

Lunch- pot roast with veggies.

Super-kale, banana, almond, milk, honey, and ice smoothie / whole wheat tortilla with taco meat and veggies and cheese

Total calories 1615 < I went way over what I normal take in calorie wise playing around with new smoothie recipes. I got to work on that.

Exercise-just house work today, no walking or weight lifting today. I was very exhausted this afternoon more than usual. I went to bed real early.

Medication- none


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