175.2 pds Day 26 Aug 26, 2014

Today I woke up very rested but nausead from my menstrual cycle. I have had 3 bowel movements and its only 10am. I am drinking lots of water today to help with dehydration. Just put a huge pot roast meal in the crock pot.

Exercise. I walked a mile and a half tonight and took the 3pd weights with me to do upper body cardio since I have not felt well today. This has been my worst day all month. I am drained physically. I have had diarrhea two more times. It has been a productive but long day. I had to literally make myself get up and go walk. I did not want to do it at all, but I made myself remember the importance of it.

Breakfast: 1/2 pancake with one tsp of syrup , one scrambled egg,  one cup of milk

Snack- heresy bar

Lunch-Apple, peanut butter smoothie

Snack- chocolate fiber one bar

Super- homemade roast soup. Made with potato s,carrots,spinach leaves,garlic,beats,English peas, corn, roast, salt and pepper, and chicken broth, onion. Desert sugar free chocolate pudding

Calories today 135o

Medication: one potassium, one vitamin k,d, and b12, one Advil….tonight one multi vitamin and 2 ibroprfren for muscle aches in legs tonight.


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