175.2 pds Day 24, Aug 24, 2014

I love my sweets and fast food. I think my Grandmother was correct when she said everything in life in moderation. To much of any one thing could be bad for you. I have always had great sugar levels except while pregnant. I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my last two children. I was in my mid 30’s. The doctor said usually if this happens in 8-10 years later you can come diabetic if you do not take better care of your health. My regular sugar is always great. But my last visit to the doctor she said my internal sugar didn’t look good every time I had blood work. So I needed to work on getting weight off. It running rapid in my family history does not help none either. We can not help genetics but we can maybe slow the process down, but better monitoring our own health and making slow healthier changes.

Today I woke and felt rested but nauseous. I am no my girly cycle ( My Gift). I made my self walk from 8:30 am to 9 am wither I felt like it or not. I walked 2 miles this morning. Came back home so we could all get to Sunday school and on time. I got real sick at church Diarrhea (happens a lot when I am on my girly cycle). Lifted 10-15 pd weights tonight doing squats, worked on outdoor clean up, racking and organizing outside. The humidity was unreal today. Just standing outside sweat would poor off.

Breakfast: one scrambled egg, whole wheat toast, 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of fresh pomegranates. Lunch: small fry from McDonald’s and 4 piece nugget, one pack of ketchup, and half a package of BBQ sauce. Snack- one tsp of peanut butter. Super-Fiheta stir fry, one snore on fire pit. I drank lots of water and sweetened tea with splendia. Calories 1295 today

I had diarrhea after breakfast, and after lunch today. I literally hate being on my monthly cycle. It has made me very sick since I have been a child. Now that I am done having children. I can’t wait for it to go!!!!

Medication-2 advil for cramps and sinus headache, 2 musinex , one multi vitamin, one potassium.

Comment: Every since I have been about 38 I have had to start taking potassium during the week of my cycle. I will get serious cramps in my legs and toes. My doctor has recommended this just for me, because of how much physically wise my cycle affects me. It can cause serious health problems if not taken correctly. Never take extra potassium unless prescribed by a doctor.



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