175.6 Day 23, Aug 23, 2014

I woke feeling rested at 6.50 am. Got up, left at 7 am walked to wal-mart and back, a total of 4 miles. It took me a hour and 10 minutes. I wore my music today and loved that, I walk faster when I have music up or someone to talk too as I walk. I actually talk to God a lot when I am alone walking as well. Good time to think about your day, accomplishments, and what you need to improve or work on the next day. Racked the yard where the storm left a lot of mess in the yard. Working on the shed and house today. Lifted weights throughout the day. I have moved up to 10 pds a arm and I am really feeling it.

Breakfast-water, one scrambled egg, and 2 cups of watermelon, Lunch-crab meat and slaw homemade, about 5 pringles I could not resist and a sugar free chocolate pudding. Super-grilled chicken breast and a chocolate rasberry yogurt smoothie. supper- another chocolate rasberry smoothie calories eat- 1280

one bowel movement today

medication-2 benydrill, 2 Tylenol, one multi vitamin

Started menstrual cycle at noon today! No cramps today!





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