176.4 pds, Day 22, Aug 22, 2014

Today I woke up rested, but very stuffy, sinus draining still, I have cleaned out shed all day to day and done housework. Today is the end of my third week watching what I eat, drink, and calculating my exercise. I have weighted practically the same for 6 days. I hope to drop down next week. I would like to loose 8 pounds a month hopefully. I have lost only 6.2 so far, but it is a great start in the right direction. Starting my 4th week today. I have been staying focused. I have learned to sing a song to help me stay focused. Called God is good all the time. I know in Christ all things are possible. I use positive pep talk to stay focus if needed. Just like a coach, coaching a team, I have to cheer my self own, and be my biggest fan to stay focused.

Exercise- 2.5 miles tonight from 10 pm-11 pm <thought I would never get my walk in, it may of took a long time, but I got it in today. Yeah!!

Breakfast: one blueberry waffle with syrup, 1 cup of yogurt with 1/2 cup of pomegranate, snack-2 sugar free pecan clusters, super-crab meat and slaw sandwich on whole wheat and a sugar free pecan cluster. Lot of water today (gave the rest away so I would not be temped) calories today eaten-900

I had 2 bowel movements this morning, medication-2 Tylenol for sinus headache, 2 musinex, and 1 multi vitamin



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