176.6 Day 21, aug 21, 2014

Today I woke up rested. I am still stuffy. I can feel my sinuses draining. I walked 3.5 miles this morning. It took me one hour. The humidity is unreal. I am talking hot and sweat poor ing off me today. I had to stop 4 times and drank some water and keep on moving. cleaned out sheds today also.

Breakfast- one cup of Greek yogurt with 1/2 cups of pomegranate. Snack-40 calorie chocolate fudge pop cycle lunch: one scrambled egg, 1 cup of watermelon, 12 small mushrooms filled with peta chz and garlic, super-homemade dish, bannan peppers, onion, garlic, bell peppers, salt pepper and lean burger, 2 cookies. total calories-1260.

I had diarrhea when I got home from walking in the heat and I walked still pretty early from 830am to 930 am.


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