Day 16, 177 pds Aug 16, 2014

I woke up feeling very rested today at 5 am. I decided to go walk at 5:30 am  two miles. Then a talked myself into another mile, then another mile. I walked a total of 4 miles in town this morning, it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes. No running this morning. I like in town and changing up my tracks so you are going up and down different hills. Today I have increased my weights to 8 lbs a piece. I done 15 girl push ups and 80 set ups. Along with several other exercises.

Next I went to help coach cheerleaders in primary school for 2 hours in the heat. Got some exercise there teaching cheers.

Breakfast-strawberry smoothie, Large ( I used a cup of fresh strawberries, truvia to sweeten, 1 cup of 2% mile, 2 cups of ice well blended) and one scrambled egg for protein. Lunch-tea sweetened with splenda, 1/2 order of french fries small from MacDonald’s, that I shared with my child.  One cup of cantaloupe, and one cup of whole wheat spaghetti. Lots of water today. super-mushrooms filed with garlic and feta chz, one chicken breast baked, dark cherry smoothie, and a fudge bar. calories today eaten-1155


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