176.6 Day 14 Aug 14,2014

I woke up feeling very rested. I went to bed early, got about 9 hours of sleep. I dreamed a lot, so I must of needed the sleep.

Today I am run/walking 2 miles this morning and did weights as I WALKED (5 pounds a piece..then I place in one hand so its 10 pounds I am lifting over my head as I walk.  Tonight I WALKED 2 miles as fast as possible.

Breakfast-2 cups of fresh cantaloupe, water. Lunch_yogurt, cherries, and whole grain chips. Snack-3 raspberry cookies. Super-Alaskan baked salmon, whole grain rice with some heat, creamed corn. Desert-a cookie and a 90 calorie fiber one bar. Drank water all day. One cup of hot capichino tonight. Calories-1375.

I chart my daily weight daily on paper as well as every 4 weeks measure my chest, waist, and hips with a cloth tape measure.

I was thinking of what my OBGYN told me a few years ago. He said adults may like milk, but adults don’t need milk ( babies need milk). Same with juice he said, small children need juice, adults don’t need juice it is full of sugar for the most part. Adults need water, water, water…… He said that’s why so many of us are over weight, just removing the sugar and fat from our drinks can alone cause are weight to start decreasing. He said most of us are not as hungry as we think we are dehydrated and need water, water, water…There’s no wonder fresh fruit and vegetables, and lean meat and plenty of water help a person loose weight. I heard a certain man on tv mention one day. Animals in the wild are not fat, they eat lean meat, fruits, nuts, berry’s, and they have to hunt it all down. There are no coke machines and little Debbie’s to purchase….lol…However I do love my milk and cookies!!


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