I weighted in at 178.6 this morning. Yeah,  going down so far. I did some research on weighing in. It said if people weigh in every morning you will better watch what you eat than if you just way in once a week or every two weeks. Doing it daily is important even if you go up a few pounds or have a non scale victory,  to not get discouraged. Especially with women due to water weight and the monthly cycle, if you are below the age of 55.

I had a huge challenge today. I went to wal-mart to get my tires rotated and decided to grocery shop to kill time. My 5 year old says can we get a doughnut on the way out? I said sure. We approached the area. Keeping in mind this is my favorite desert. I love, love, love doughnuts!!! I said which one do you want? He picked him out one, and his sister also a doughnut out. Then we careful and quickly exited that section. I had to pep talk myself and say remember the calorie intake in this doughnut? I told myself it’s your weight loss and feeling better over all or this doughnut? Make a choice! So I made the right choice and I was so proud.

Oh I also realized something else. McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies have 170 calories per cookie, well them at the bakery today at wal-mart had 220 a cookie. A lot of calories for one cookie. I did some research and animal cookies are the better cookie choice (16 have 120 calories) or( two oreo’s 140). You could also use banana’s and sugar free vanilla instant pudding and make banana pudding use these instead of the wafers. My kids love this treat.

Today has been busy. Went to the flea market and bought food from local farmers. Cantaloupe, seedless watermelon, peaches, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and cherries. I have wonderful family and neighbors they have kept me in supply of cucumbers and tomatoes lately. We have a few coming in but not many. Today I woke up, was tired from working late online. Breakfast-Capichino, scrambled egg. Dinner-MacDonald grilled chicken wrap, 1/2 chocolate chip cookie, and tea with splenda, and have drank lots of water today. Supper-whole wheat bun, homemade barbecue from a lean brisket, no sauce or slaw. Homemade baked sweet potato fries. Snack-fresh dark cherries. Calories eaten today 1275.

Tonight I rode my ten speed 2 miles, pushed it up several hills, and man that made me realize how out of shape I am. I done floor exercises and lifted a few weights tonight

I have had Diarrhea 2 times today. I thank it was the kale I ate yesterday. I have ate kale twice now in my salads and it has had this effect on me. I may have to give up kale as a vegetable and go to baby spinach leaves.

This afternoon I am very week and tired. I will be going to bed early tonight and getting my sleep. I feel drained. Very sluggish. I will take a multi-vitamin before bed tonight. I think the heat this afternoon, the lack of sleep, and  along with the diarrhea has caught up with me.  I do feel mentally alert and rested though.



178.6 pds, Day 12, August 12, 2014

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