179 pds Day 11 Aug 11, 2014

Today I woke up early, but got behind. I walked/jogged 1.5 miles this morning. It still took 22 minutes. I was getting a late start. Breakfast-none got to busy. Lunch- whole wheat spaghetti one cup and a MacDonald’s low fat ice cream cone (170 calorie in there cones). I ordered yogurt but my 5 year old decided he liked the yogurt more than his cone, so I ended up with the cone. But I sure was glad he made a healthier choice. Drank splenda sweetened tea and lots of water today. Super-chef salad-homemade-cucumbers, kale, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, boiled egg, 2 tsp of ranch. late night snack-nectarine. Did a complete cardio workout as I WALKED/JOGGED with my weights then stretched tonight for two miles. It took 38 minutes. calories eaten 990.

I have felt great and got a lot of work done today. Still going strong. No medicine today or vitamins. I CAN really tell the difference in my energy level and stress level. Just in these 11 days so far. One bowel movement. I can tell my sweet cravings are better and my stomach has gotten use to eatting less. But I have been staying really full. Eatting real food and not as much junk.

I have been setting daily goals and writing them down. So I want procrastinate as much about things I don’t like to do. But I know needs done. It is amazing how many yard sale boxes I am making just out of unwanted clutter.


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