179.2 pds, Day 10 , Aug 10, 2014

Good evening fellow bloggers. I have had a very blessed and wonderful day. Had a great church service. Walked 2 miles afterwards, lifted my 10 pound weights as I walked doing different upper body strength exercises. Breakfast- Blueberry muffin homemade and a 1/2 cup of whole milk. Lunch-turkey sliced on whole wheat with a whole tomato. 3 pringles potato chips. I could not believe they have 10 calories per chip, and I ate 2 oreo’s. They had 70 calories a piece. snack-1/2 cup of cantaloupe. Coffee 1 cup-3 creamer and splenda, 90 calories there. Oh at church I sucked on 3 sugar free hard candies that tasted like coffee. They had 10 calories a piece as well. Super-one cup of spaghetti whole wheat & 2 raspberry tart shortbread cookies.  Calories 1,107 today and lots of water.

I took the time to prepare a menu for our whole week so super will be prepared soon as the kids arrive home from school, so I don’t get off track. I also bought some containers today to help my measuring food intake and left overs when I divide it into servings. Once I prepare a big meal.

I bought whole wheat noodles today for spaghetti. I really had to study a lot of those labels and find what was best over all for us. I ended up getting some that were whole wheat and 170 calories per every 3/4 cup. Not counting adding in the ground turkey or beef, along with the sauce and then dividing it into servings. I have learned that if you make your own sauce and slaw you can end up with a lot less calories. No vitamins or medicine today at all.

No bowel Movement today so far.

I have learned deer, and turkey have a lot fewer calories that ground hamburger when making lasagna and spaghetti. I have used them all. It is wise to run warm water over your ground to get rid of any excess fat. Before adding to your pasta or sauce.  I use ground turkey more than beef.

The spaghetti I made tonight had a total of 4,680 calories, but it made 12 cups/servings. One cup has 312 calories. When you are home cooking it is great to have a pen, paper, and calculator in the kitchen to add your total calories of a entire meal so you can divide it all up into containers or zip locks. For the refrigerator or freezer.


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