Living in the NOW, in this VERY MOMENT!

DO You ever ask yourself what’s holding you back in life. HAVE you ever decided to become like a secret spy or detective in your own life. BE on the outside of the window looking in? IT is so easy to see other people’s problems, but recognizing our own takes time. IT may be that we don’t want to be honest with ourselveself or face real reality.

AS I have grown older I have come to realize we are all imperfect people living in a imperfect world with so much more in common than we realize. Living in the NOW, in this VERY MOMENT! Truly can be a task when we are weighted down by burdens. We all have the worries of everyday life.

I have been working on this subject in my own life. I have found out who and what stresses me out. Then I become a detective trying to resolve this first hand. When I am feeling overwhelmed with housework. I deligate it now. I explain there is 5 of us who make a mess and 5 of us who should clean it up. The load should not be one person’s to bare. I reply to my children now ” I AM A MOTHER NOT A MAID”. I love you but you are to help. If they don’t help do what I ask. Then I don’t help them do what they ask. It’s amazing how well this works. Example: mom will you take me and a friend to a ball game. Oh I would love to take you honey but you know that dishwasher still Isn’t unloaded, until it’s done I can’t help you.

Get rid of poor me…I am a victim… in your household and out of it. Make others responsible and your whole adult life will get better. This is how I have been discovering me again. Find time to enjoy life and do what you love. Find the time so you don’t feel bogged down and trapped. Feeling stressed and exhausted at the end of ever day.


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