179.8 , 9th day Sat Aug 9, 2014

Well today I slept in…felt great…weighted in at 179.8…yeah…hope to be at least 177 by this coming Friday. Breakfast..a orange.and one scrambled egg. Lunch..was cantaloupe..snack..stopped at steak in shake with teens. Boy was that rough..i just had to take about 3 bites of a milk shake and eat a few fries. I only ordered a glass of water..Super went to McDonald’s..grilled snack wrap no ranch, unsweetened tea with calendar, yogurt parffa, and small coffee….still here typing this blog. We are working on declutering our home.  One room at a time, one drawer at a time, since the kids are now in school all day. It has helped keeping my mind off things I love to eat, and helped me to stay focused, plus I love to be organized. The porch and sheds are next. I have feeled up 2 yard sale boxes so far. I did stop and buy some sugar free hard candy to help when I am out in about in my purse..to avoid snaking on things I don’t need. If I do not find time to pack a snack. Walking 3 miles at the Paris nature trail today. Why I am killing time waiting on the older kids to finish up there activities. I checked calorie intake on slaw, white breads, sweets with real sugar. They are by far the worst thing you can eat trying to lose weight. They are starting to make healthier options like should wheat bread or buns with no white enriched flour. I still recommend the calorie king book for anyone who wants to know how much of what they consume a day. The mayo in slaw is unreal. You could make your own at home though with a lite mayo or vinager based slaw. I was thinking how much strength mentally the first time to lose all the weight from pregnancy, but it was easier I had only one child. With 3 kids the task has been harder due to stress. But I tend to conquer my goal over the next 8 months.


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