180 pds 5th day Aug 5, 2014

Mom’s seem to be so busy taking care of everyone else they seldom find time for there self, so this is why my new blog is so important to me and I hope it might help and encourage others. We can’t expect our children to take care of themselves well, if we don’t set a great example for them to live by.

Today was first day of school with 3 kids….busy day….breakfast..a cheese stick( mozzarella),orange, water. snack..col-aide pop cycle. Lunch..water..water..water.. salad (kale, whole tomato, whole cucumber, one boiled egg. Snack..sugar free chocolate pudding cup…super…whitneing fish Backed, 1 cup of curly fries backed, 1/2 cup of sweet potato plain, 1 cup of cheese brocolli noodles, tsp of homemade ketchup, water. Watermelon dessert. Had a great bowel movement. I walked 2.5 miles this evening, stretched, and lifted hand weights, then cleaned house. Overall all I have felt great today. No medication today. I have had a few sugar cravings…so i broke down and ate a gummy worm I found in a snack jar…and ate it to curb the craving…it was unusually strong..I can tell my body is still detoxing from the junk I use to eat more of. Its amazing how your body recognizes the lower carb and sugar intake.


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