180.6 pds 4th day August 4, 2014

I woke up feeling sore and exhausted. I did not sleep well. It will seriously effect your metabolism. I stretched about 10 minutes. Breakfast…a dry whole wheat toast and backed chicken, with a glass of water, and 1/2 cup grapes. Took 1 daily vitamin, 2 ibuprofen, and a small potassium due to cramping and drawing in my calf’s. Cleaned house a while, ran errands, and shopped. Lunch..1/2 cup of pop corn kids had left over from snack. Lean vegetable and roast beef casserole, super…a salad, 1/3 cup chz, one cucumber,1/2 large tomato, 2 tsps of ranch dressing. Dessert…left over raspberry cobbler. Drank lots of water today. One large Bowel movement this morning. lifted hand weights, done some floor exercise, and stretched before bed, never got time to walk at a fast pace outside today, it’s Monday was way to busy. More water. 1265-calories eaten today.

Today I felt better as they day passed and the medicine kicked in on the soreness. Lack of sleep did not help. Getting rest tonight. Anytime I drink caffeine like I did yesterday in tea or coffee it depletes my vitamins, and I have problems with charlie horses in the legs. I rarely drink caffeine due to the side effects I get from it including kidney and bladder infections, headaches, sluggishness, etc.. I keep decaf at home.

Since I have turned 40, I have noticed my immune system is not what it use to be. I know eating better, getting weight off, and plenty of exercise will get me back o track. It worked great about 9 yrs ago. Pregnancy weight is hard to lose when your family’s genetics are fighting against you, but we just have to find to ways to work around that.

I have noticed that lots of vitamins for older women have caffeine in them to boost the metabolism or give energy, but just pay chose attention when picking a multi vitamin, it can bring on major headaches if you miss a day taking a vitamin from caffeine with drawls. If you get to felling depleted quickly, or dehydrated to much. Change you vitamin too > no caffeine. They are not going to put this on the front label. You have to always be a detective and do your home work.

If you older, and own any high blood pressure pills, caffeine could speed up your heart rate to much, consult a doctor before taking a a new vitamin with caffeine in it. You have to way out the pro’s and con’s for sure.


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