179.6 3 rd day aug 3 2014

Breakfast..one scrambled egg and glass of milk. Dinner..shaved Turkey on whole wheat bead with two tomato slices no dressing. Snacks..30 gold fish..one chicken nugget my toddler did not eat…Lol…May be a mom thing..4 Scooby doo Graham crackers. Super ..meat and vegetable casserole…McDonald’s ice cream cone vanilla…lots of water..one cup of coffee. Calories 1275 today. 4 games of tennis with hubby. Practiced softball with children. Lifted light hand weights. Did floor . Stretching. Note: coffee..tea..and chocolate can act as a dehydrator…if you consume these drink more water that day stay hydrated. I won in tennis today….yeah…My 6 yr old cheered give me a m..a o..a…m…go..MOM…Lol…I am a emotional eater. If you are find things to keep your hands busy..avoid the kitchen…even if u have to throw a dish in the sink and run…to avoid temptation until you regain your will power back. Those dishes are not going no were…you may even may need to go walk and give yourself a motivational pep talk. Being a mom it can be a challenge when home around food and snacking toddlers. Keep focused and you some healthy snack options. Set in the recliner with as bowl of English peas and say these are so good..mommy’s not sharing…Lol..then start sharing an telling stories. Your kids will start eatting heallthy right along with you and they want even realize it. I love my children. One nice bowel movement today. Pied a lot!!! 


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